Good service is the new standard

Written by Wouter Verkerk. Published on

Madam, may I ask you something? What do you think of this hotel so far, are there things that you have noticed positively and, if I may be so bold, do you intend to come back here again? I was a guest in a hotel for three days. Since last year I have been guiding […]


Entrepreneurs and employees in hospitality speak different languages

Written by Wouter Verkerk. Published on

Let’s be honest, if employees in the hospitality found money really important, they wouldn’t work for you in the hospitality industry, would they? That’s not meant to be ridiculous, but of course, there are places where you can earn much more money with less effort. Yet, this is not a reason for employees in the […]


Future-proof entrepreneurship

Written by Laurens van Luin. Published on

Seven years ago, I started Manic Organic. Back then we were still in the financial crisis, and every initiative that had to do with organic was directly associated with expensive and unnecessary. Today we cannot imagine that anymore. I believe in the essence of organic and natural food being something good, an intrinsic motivation. Natural […]