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Working on a terrace? These are 7 tips for a hot day!

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Working on a terrace with too less colleagues and way too many guests? And then they also say; “What a relaxed job you have, working in the sun!” We know better. Seven terrace-tips to spice-up your working day and to keep it fun and easy for yourself during the warmest days of the season. 1. […]

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Un ristorante Italiano tradizionale ti fa sentire come una famiglia

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Recently I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days in Italy. I visited some great and very pleasant friends who were on holiday in quiet a rural part of Tuscany where they have hills, woods, gravel roads and above all good food. Excellent food can be found anywhere in the world, that’s not a specific reason to visit a city or region, sorry San Sebastian and Tokyo (Tokyo is the city with the most Michelin stars in the world, 304 stars divided over 226 restaurants).